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The Herb

  • Spicing up
    your life

    The culinary herb bed contains Thymes, Lemon Balm, Rosemary, Sage, Artichoke and others. Amongst the cosmetic herbs there are Elecampane, Bergamot, Wild Marjoram, Burdock, Medicinally, one can see Echinacea, Golden Rod, Valerian, Lungwort and Eyebright

  • Fresh from
    the meadow

    There is native area for those meadow herbs such as Meadowsweet (used to sweeten apple sauces, pies and jams), Lady's Bedstraw (used as a strewing herb to lay down in houses against bad smells, also used to stuff pillows and mattresses) and Oregano (a wonderful seasoning for stews and soups).

  • Making you

    Many of the abundant plants that grow along the roadside and in the fields of the Burren are in fact medicinal or cosmetic herbs which have many uses long since forgotten. The garden was laid out to reflect those different usages.