Special Offers

We don't have any special offers active at the moment.

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If you're a Facebook or Instagram user, we usually do a promotion or offer on the first Friday of each month, which we post around about 12 noon (our time) so keep an eye open for those.

By the way, we also now have a rewards program! ❤️😍 Earn Burren Points when when you sign-up, shop, like, share, refer, etc. And we've given all our existing customers 20 points to start off. And they're decent points too (we think!), like you don't need 84,000,000 points to get a free keyring or whatever. 150 points gets you €15 off. 250 gets you €25, etc. Anyhow, check it out, let us know what you think! Click on the 'Rewards' button on the lower left corner of any page.