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Skincare Tips from our resident Expert

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I'm going to start with the single most important thing you can do for your complexion:

Get some sleep.

Nope. More than that. 

Much more. You're not trying hard enough. You need to take a nap whenever and wherever you get the chance. How about in the car?

Okay. Great. So I aim for about 23 hours of sleep a day, but you might want to start at say 16 and work up from there. 


Want to know the secret behind my glossy pelt? Lots of exercise and lots of outdoors. I call it: outdoors exercise. My body is a temple. Dune sprints build stamina and muscle mass and are a great cardio workout.

Swimming: the all-body workout. I call this 'thinking about swimming':

If the water is too cold, or simply too wet, 'thinking about swimming' (tm) is a great way to get all the benefits of swimming while only getting in up to your ankles. And remember folks, water in Ireland has an average summer temperate of -30C so unless you're a walrus, 'thinking about swimming' is always a good option.

Yoga is the ancient Eastern practice of putting your body into excruciatingly uncomfortable positions and then pretending that you like it. I like to practice on my mat. Sometimes I'll combine yoga with sleeping for a maximum productivity day!!


Eat well. Make sure you get a balanced diet with plenty of calcium. If you get a really nice bone from the butcher, take it out into the woods immediately and hide it somewhere in case the cat gets it. Don't worry if you forget where it's hidden. The woods are full of mouldy old bones covered in moss that taste just as good. 'Wild-harvested' is the hot new thing you know. 

Go easy on the carbs. Especially self-raising flour. Don't eat it straight from the packet. It's hard to get it out of your whiskers.

And if you do eat stuffed toys, make sure you don't swallow the squeaky thing. Also, it's better to eat squeaky toys where you can't be seen. Behind the couch is great, just check that the cat isn't asleep there.  


Hydration is important, sure, but what's with all the water bottles you people carry around all the time? Don't you know that plastic is bad for the environment?! Make a habit of going outside when you need a drink. You'll find water in all sorts of places: puddles, gutters, drains... heck, here in the Burren it comes right up out of the ground! Stick your snout in and have a good old lap. Outdoor water is full of vitamins and nutrients and helps build a healthy immune system! Pro-tip: keep your face out of the cat's bowl; that won't end well - ask me how I know.



Dress for your skin tone. Choose colours that complement your natural colouring. Consider shades that bring out your eye colour, or which form a nice contrast to your fur. Too much black can make you look excessively pale.

A brightly coloured head scarf makes a bold statement, and is a great 'quick-fix' if you're rushing out the door with a bad case of bed-fur!

A clear complexion will help you up your Instagram game. Become a master of the casual selfie to build followers and become an influencer like me.

Finally and most importantly, the one thing you need most to have that radiant inner glow:


Just find yourself a small hooman and follow them around everywhere. There will be love and occasionally dropped pieces of toast or cake. 

That's it folks. Keep it simple:

Dance like no-one is watching you.

Eat cake if no-one can see you. 

xxxx Lana


Sadie Chowen

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