Spring Harvest

Perfume + Body Lotion + FREE Castile Soap / 50ml + 2 x 200ml
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Buy Spring Harvest Eau de Toilette together with its wonderful new body lotion and receive a free castile soap, a saving of €18.

We created Spring Harvest to evoke the scents of an armful of wild herbs gathered in the Spring. A fresh, aromatic fragrance with top notes of Mint, Lemonbalm and Fennel.

Spring Harvest body lotion - a naturally fragrant and nourishing lotion formulated with hazelnut oil to leave skin enriched and protected. Suitable for hand and body. Made with 62.9% organic ingredients.

Spring Harvest castile soap is a gently foaming liquid soap ideal for use in the shower or as a hand wash. It is made with 86.9% organic plant oils using cold process saponification.