The Blending

Where our organic creams and balms are crafted.

In the Blending Room Rose and Cate make our range of organic creams and balms. The products are made in small batches, usually 30 to 50 units at a time. We never hold large stocks of our products, choosing instead to manufacture only as needed. In this way we ensure that the product you receive from us are as fresh as possible.

Herbal Balms

Our herbal balms are a blend of fine oils and rich organic beeswax. The beeswax is gently melted in a double boiler, using just enough heat to liquify it. The oils are then heated and blended into the wax to create a very rich balm particularly suited to relieving dry skin problems.

Creams & Lotions

Face, body and hand creams are all essentially made in the same way: they are a selection of oils chosen for their particular properties and then blended with distilled water to create a light emulsion in the same way that one makes mayonnaise in the kitchen. Lighter and finer oils are used for face creams and sensitive areas; richer oils for hand and body. A lotion is like a cream made with a higher proportion of water, making it lighter and more appropriate for frequent use.

Certified Organic

Our range of creams and balms are certified as organic by the UK Soil Association. That is, the ingredients used in our creams, the process by which they are made, the packaging they are presented in, and the production standards of the business all conform to the high standards of the Soil Association. We are allowed to use the word 'organic' on our packaging and to carry the Soil Associate logo as an assurance of their quality.